Martin Ekelund aka Kidkie

About me

by Martin Ekelund

I'm dedicated to creativity and never to any set form of media or materials. I try to take every avaliable opportunity to make stuff happen.

I grew up in Sollentuna, a large suburb to the capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Spent my early years fighting my older brother and younger sister. In high school I studied to become an electrician. While in school Internet got invented and I got hooked on HTML and the web. Spending my late teens in front of the computer working the Internet in various ways got me a job coding and designing websites. Along the road I added Advertising as a skill and I got my training how to be a professional creative at Miami Ad School. Since five years I spend my time running my own company Kidkie Tech AB where I build websites. I’m passionate about ideas, illustration and design. A passion that has resulted in art projects, stop motion films, websites, t-shirts, stickers and a ridiculous amount Photoshop and Illustrator documents. Some of whom you can see here on the website.



13. Senior Software Engineer, Capgemini
12. Kidkie Tech AB – Developer
11. Kidkie – Freelance Art Director/Web Director
10. Tackolov/Det Sthlm – Art Director
09. Kidkie – Freelance Art Director/Web Director
08. Publicis Stockholm
07. John Doe Worldwide
06. Kidkie – Freelance Art Director/Web Director
05. Miami Ad School Europe
04. McCann-Erickson, Warsawa
03. Publicis Stockholm
02. Internetbyrån Familjen
01. Komet Media Interact

Contact information

Martin Ekelund aka Kidkie

Åsögatan 158
116 32 Stockholm

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+46 (0) 70 480 4007